50 Fantastic Ideas for Supporting Neurodiversity

Welcome to the online resources for 50 Fantastic Ideas for Supporting Neurodiversity by Kerry Murphy and Fifi Benham. Here you will find a range of helpful resources to use alongside the book. Click the links below to download what you need.

About the book

This dip-in-and-out guide will help practitioners to adapt their teaching style to become more inclusive of children with neurodiverse conditions, and provide meaningful and innovative ideas that can be embedded into everyday practice.

Featuring activities such as mirrored play, meditation, symbol stories and treasure baskets, these ideas are expertly formulated to support and develop children’s sensory regulation skills and communication skills, whilst enabling practitioners to understand and engage with non-speaking or pre-verbal children.

Online Resources

All about me

My communication identity

Hattie’s routines

My way to a good day

Play dictionary

Whole-body affirmation 1

Whole-body affirmation 2

Whole-body affirmation 3

Whole-body affirmation 4

 Whole-body affirmation 5

Double empathy

We all wear different socks

Play mapping: case study

Play mapping: room map

Declarative language

Embracing echolalia: case study

Wellbeing choice board

Scented playdough, hiding space

The feel wheel

Reaction walls

Interobreathing 1

Interobreathing 2

Interobreathing 3

Interobreathing 4

The flower & candle meditation