Making the transition to university can be a challenge. Besides extending your knowledge and developing new skills, you will also need to communicate in ways that reflect new approaches and values. Academic Success will introduce you to the demands of university study in a clear and accessible way, and help you to understand what is expected of you.

This companion website features additional self-study activities for you to work through at your own pace, alongside a glossary of key terms and a sample chapter from the book.

Download sample chapter here.

Praise for Academic Success:

    This book delivers exactly what the title promises: everything a student needs to be successful in their studies.
    - Lee Fallin, University of Hull, UK

    An invaluable guide to the nature of successful learning in a university context, which will help students better prepare for and manage the challenges faced in tertiary studies
    - Professor Jack Richards, University of Sydney, Australia

    Academic Success includes everything a new student needs to know about university: from how a university works through to advice on reading, writing and thinking academically, including differences between disciplines. It's a comprehensive, useful guide to transitioning to university and succeeding in your studies.
    - Helen Cooper, University of Birmingham, UK