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Discover even more about Muhammad Ali and Me, A Museum in Baghdad and Acceptance using the table of contents to the left, and further foster the activist in you!

Who are BEYOND THE CANON? Video Introduction from Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway & Sarudzayi Marufu

“It is an absolute honour to feature the plays Muhammad Ali and Me by Mojisola Adebayo, A Museum in Baghdad by Hannah Khalil and Acceptance by Amy Ng. All three plays have the ability to remain with you long after reading them and I am confident that you will be compelled to study, share and perform them – and, like me, be inspired to create your own form of activism.”

Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway

“I hope that as you journey through this book and supporting website, you will further awaken within you your agency. That you will reassess your journey, see the value in your actions to this moment, draw strength from your legacy and your knowledge of it, and grow bolder in your determination to impact the world moving forward.”

Sarudzayi Marufu 

 Muhammad Ali and Me by Mojisola Adebayo

 A Museum in Baghdad by Hannah Khalil

 Acceptance by Amy Ng

Each title above takes you on a deep dive that explores the plays further: 

  • Beyond the Canon’s Writers Room (the writers)
  • The World of the Play
  • Character Breakdown
  • Scene by Scene Breakdown
  • We Want More (Additional Information)


The incredible artist Oscar Ukonu created the artwork for the cover - here is their method:

Insider Art Youtube Profile on Oscar Ukonu

Here, Simeilia and Sarudzayi talk through their process for the cover: