This revised and updated edition of a core textbook – one of the most well-established texts in the field of comparative politics – offers a comprehensive introduction to the comparison of governments and political systems, helping students to understand not just the institutions and political cultures of their own countries but also those of a wide range of democracies and authoritarian regimes from around the world.


Spotlight Map

An interactive map providing key information and statistics about the countries appearing in the Spotlight features in this book, as well as a number of additional countries.

Guide to Researching Comparative Politics on the Internet

This guide helps students navigate their way through the multitude of resources available on the internet related to the comparative study of politics.

Flashcard Glossary

These flashcards help students to test their knowledge of the key terms highlighted and defined in each chapter.



The Testbank comprises a total of 500 pre-prepared multiple-choice and true or false questions relating to the coverage of each of the book's chapters.

PowerPoint Slides

A corresponding set of PowerPoint slides has been prepared for each individual chapter, ready for instructors to adapt and customize to suit their weekly lectures.