This is an Introduction to the web supplement for Developing Materials for Language Teaching (3rd edn). The supplement consists of an extra two readers’ tasks and an extra two suggestions for further reading for the chapters in the book plus four extra chapters, each with readers’ tasks and suggestions for further reading. These additional chapters all focus on the use of materials development  in teacher development  and all four are convinced of the value of materials development as a beneficial contributor to the personal and professional development of both trainee and practising teachers and as means of providing learners with a source of engaging and meaningful materials. The first two chapters are revised versions of chapters which were published in the 2013 edition of  Developing Materials for Language Teaching and the other two are new additions to the volume, with Chapter 3 by Maria Heron focusing on short pre-service and in-service courses in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and Chapter 4 by Jayakuran Mukundan focusing on pre-service teacher training in Malaysia.

I hope very much that you are informed and stimulated by the further tasks, further reading and additional chapters.

Brian Tomlinson

Online Resources

Click here to download the web supplement. It contains:

1. Materials Development Courses, Brian Tomlinson
2. Simulations in Materials Development, Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara
3. Using Materials Development on Teacher Training Courses, Maria Heron 
4. Learner Production of Videos and Short Film in Out-Of-Class English Language Programs, Jayakaran Mukundan
Extra Readers’ Activities 
Further Reading