Welcome online!

I’m assuming that you’ve all made use of the drug calculations book and are either here because it made no sense and you’re hoping for further enlightenment or you wish to further your knowledge of drug calculations and want to see what is on offer! Whatever the reason it is great to have you here and I hope that we will be able to provide something for all of you to help and support you to continue learning and improving your drug calculations skills in the context of clinical practice.

On the menu here we have tried to provide a range of different experiences that add to the information and exercises I gave you in the book.

  • Exercises - for those who can’t get just can’t get enough practice at drug calculations skills, maybe because you have an exam coming up or you just enjoy them (it is possible you know!) then I have provided you with more exercises to keep you busy. Enjoy!
  • Numeracy information – if you feel you are still struggling in this area then I have listed some additional resources that may help you here and given some ideas that you could use to help you develop more maths fitness.
  • British National Formulary (BNF) – I have provided a link here so that you can check your knowledge of the medications that are mentioned in the clinical problem solving and exercises sections. Remember that as nurses we should not be administering any medication unless we understand why the patient needs it (not always possible in the exercises section I know), how the medication works, usual dosages and route, side effects and contra-indications.

Read a sample chapter from the book | PDF Document | (1.01Mb)