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Refreshed and completely restructured to align with the new Edexcel Politics A-Level specification, this is the new edition of Andrew Heywood's highly respected introduction to political ideas, ideologies and thinkers for A-Level students. Essentials of Political Ideas is the only Edexcel-specific text on ideas on the market. Suitable for flexible use across all ideas components of the A-Level course, it offers full coverage of both the core political ideas (conservatism, liberalism and socialism) and the non-core ideas (anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism and nationalism).

Teacher Resources

  • Sample student essays annotated with commentary that pinpoints exactly what examiners are looking for
  • Bonus worked examples to show students how to apply their knowledge to exam questions
  • Further resources booklet featuring a range of news articles, blog posts, reports, videos and political websites to explore chapter topics further
  • Planning your Revision: tips from the authors to help students plan and organize their revision effectively
  • Bonus case study on dialectical materialism

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Student Resources

Students, you can use these interactive flashcards to help you revise all the key terms found in the book and prepare for your exam.

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