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Essentials of US Politics and Government covers all the knowledge required to tackle paper 3 of the A level, United States politics, as well as Comparative US-UK politics.

Teacher Resources

Teachers who use this book can register to gain free access to the following selection of resources.

  • Sample student essays, annotated with commentary that pinpoints exactly what examiners are looking for
  • Writing frames to guide students in structuring their essays
  • Teaching Tips: a handbook that includes a variety of classroom activities and advice for lesson plans
  • Answers to all the ‘Learning Review’ and ‘Comparative Learning Review’ questions in the book.
  • Teacher training webinar with author Andrew Colclough
  • Annual updates on key developments in US politics will be added as events unfold. Please check back soon!

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Student Resources

Students, you can use these interactive flashcards to help you revise all the key terms found in the book and prepare for your exam.

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