Click on the hyperlinks below to watch video interviews with the designers profiled at the end of each chapter in the book: 

Andora Whitfield, fashion design industry recruiter, talks about the importance of the designer’s sketchbook in the job search and gives tips for a successful interview and follow-up.

Daniel Roseberry, design director of both men’s collection and women’s collection at an upper echelon American fashion design company, describes his creative process as he shows his design development sketches and the portfolio that got him his job as designer.

Scott Nylund, costume and fashion designer, talks about his recent sketchbook trek to the Amazon for inspiration and demonstrates his unique color pencil rendering techniques.

Renaldo Barnette, seasoned designer and illustrator, inspires by sharing one of his personal sketch diaries, explains his on-the-job design process through favorite pages from his many sketchbooks, and demonstrates the designer’s quick working sketch in color marker.

Naama Doktofsky, designer for Shoshonna, enthusiastically shares her experience and gives lots of great advice about what makes a successful sketchbook as she shows us through her own strong sketchbook pages.

Daniel Silverstein, zero waste designer, tours us through his design studio, his sketchbook and portfolio, explaining his design process and the creative business practices that have brought him early success.

Lauren Sehner, associate designer for Adam Lippes, explains her unique approach to the design sketchbook and, as she takes us through her creative process, shows how she combines it with her portfolio to create a striking artistic presentation.

Matthew Harwoodstone, design assistant, talks about his design process and shows us how he uses his sketchbooks to organize and inspire his creative thinking.

Peter Do, design assistant for Celine, shares his award-winning sketchbook and describes the inspiration and design logic behind his collection.

Kieran Dallison, associate designer at Altuzarra, brings straight talk and clear advice to the conversation as he shows us his sketchbook and working sketches.

Sunghee Bang, hand knit designer, invites us into her tiny studio to see her creative process as she thinks through her latest collection.

Sarah Conlon, design assistant, shares her thesis sketchbook and talks about how she organized it into the perfect aesthetic showcase for her design thinking.

Cecily Moore, The Paper Curator sketchbook blog, demonstrates how she plans and puts together her sketchbook content and talks about supplies.