Game Theory: An Applied Introduction is a textbook which promises to equip you with the tools you need to understand and predict strategic interactions.

It guides the reader through different games using fascinating real-world case studies from a range of disciplines, showing the insights that game theory can offer into each situation.

By spelling out whole games with full, worked-through examples, José Luis Ferreira allows the reader to develop a solid understanding of both the uses and limitations of game theory.

This comprehensive introduction:

  • draws upon examples from a range of disciplines, such as economics, politics, philosophy, sociology and law
  • uses an accessible level of maths and jargon-free language
  • includes end-of-chapter exercises which help to consolidate understanding along the way.

It is an ideal textbook for students approaching game theory from various fields across the social sciences, and for curious general readers who are looking for a thorough introduction to this intriguing subject.

José Luis Ferreira is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. His main research interests are game theory, experimental economics and economic methodology. He teaches game theory at undergraduate and graduate levels in Economics and in Political Sciences.

    Thoughtfully emphasizing the difference between models and real-life situations, this book is full of wide-ranging examples and offers an excellent introduction to game theory and its applications.

    - Robert Powell, The University of California, Berkeley, USA