1. The Grammar Book

The Grammar Book

Welcome to the online resources for The Grammar Book by Zoë and Timothy Paramour. Here you will find a range of helpful resources to use alongside the book. Click the links below to download what you need.

About the book

What is the subjunctive mood? And when do you use a semi-colon? Are these questions that you, as a teacher, are afraid to ask? Written by two experienced teachers, The Grammar Book provides everything you need to teach grammar at primary level.

Online resources

Chapter 1: Writing words

Chapter 2: Types of noun

Chapter 3: Pronouns and determiners

Chapter 4: Types of verb

Chapter 5: Subject, verb and object

Chapter 6: Adjectives and adverbs

Chapter 7: Plurals, contractions and apostrophes

Chapter 8: Punctuation at the end of a sentence

Chapter 9: Main and subordinate clauses

Chapter 10: Types of subordinate clause

Chapter 11: Prepositions and conjunctions

Chapter 12: Types of phrase

Chapter 13: Commas

Chapter 14: Semi-colons, colons, brackets, dashes and forward slashes

Chapter 15: Inverted commas

Chapter 16: Moods and voices

Chapter 17: Structuring whole texts