Welcome to the Bloomsbury Online Resource for Greek Sanctuaries and Temple Architecture, Second Edition by Mary Emerson 

This companion website is designed to support anyone using Greek Sanctuaries and Temple Architecture by offering extra resources. Please do contact Bloomsbury if you have suggestions for additions and improvements to the website.

These additional resources supplement the inevitably limited selection of black and white photos in the book. Some that are in the book are here shown in colour. There are also other helpful photos which could not find a place in the book. Using this website will make it possible to see extra detail. It is worth-while to zoom any scenes that interest you, as much more detail can be discovered in this way. 

Click on the 'Galleries' tab above to view images of many sites mentioned in the book. The pictures are arranged in three sections:


Paestum and Foce del Sele

Most of the images here are from the sites at Paestum and Agrigento. These should be useful as they are harder to find, whereas mainland Greece is very well furnished with images on the web as well as in books.

All images © Mary Emerson