Many students start working on their literature review without being clear about its purpose, what it consists of and how to set about it. How to Write Your Literature Review and this companion website provide solutions to all of these problems and more.

Bestselling author Bryan Greetham takes you step-by-step through the process, and shows you how to:

  • Generate ideas and formulate your research question
  • Search for relevant print and digital sources
  • Analyse and synthesise ideas and theories
  • Plan your review and situate it within the broader context of your research
  • Write a clear, concise and well-structured review

On this companion site, you’ll find handy checklists and additional exercises to help you apply ideas to your own work.

Lecturers say:

    This straightforward book leads students through the processes involved in undertaking literature reviews and offers structured advice for anyone wanting to learn the subtleties and nuances of reviewing literature.

    Nick White, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

    Demonstrates a sound understanding of the issues students need to address when writing a literature review. A very useful guide which I will be recommending to my students.

    Christine Porter, Principal Lecturer for MA Human Resource Management, University of Westminster, UK

    The author reassuringly acknowledges concerns that I’ve seen commonly arise with students who are tasked with writing literature reviews, and gives specific, practical guidance about how to work effectively through the various stages.

    Margaret Wegener, Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Queensland, Australia