Mathematics for Economics introduces and develops the mathematical skills and techniques necessary for any serious study of economics. The approach taken throughout the book is integrative, showing how mathematical techniques are an essential part of economic analysis. In this way the author is able to effectively illustrate the useful insights into economic behaviour that only mathematics can bring.

The practical focus of the book is reflected in its modular structure, in which concepts are presented in student-friendly chunks. Each module first illustrates why economists need a particular mathematical skill or technique. Next, the key principles of that mathematical technique are developed and explained. Finally, we see how that technique can be applied to common economic situations in order to improve our understanding of economic principles and behaviour.

Key features of the third edition include:

  • A clear focus on the practical usefulness of mathematics to economic analysis
  • A gradual progression of mathematical material throughout the text
  • Ideal for students who have a limited mathematical background, but provides pathways for students to proceed at their own pace
  • Progress Check and Knowledge Check activities throughout each module, so that students can check their own understanding
  • Fully-worked examples are integrated into the end of each module showing a more complete and complex application to the student
  • New module on probability in economic analysis

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The author

Mik Wisniewski is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde Business School, UK, where he has specific research interests in performance measurement and performance management, particularly for public sector organisations. His research expertise relates to benchmarking, process mapping and the use of the balanced scorecard as well as business analysis and modelling. He has extensive teaching and consultancy experience across the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the areas of economic analysis, modelling and forecasting. He has worked with companies such as British Energy, British Gas, Shell, Scottish Power and with a variety of public sector organizations.