New Perspectives for English for Academic Purposes

This series sets the agenda for studies in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) by opening up research and scholarship to new domains, ideas and perspectives as well as giving a platform to emerging and established practitioners and researchers in the field.

The volumes in this series are innovative in that they broaden the scope of theoretical and practical interests in EAP by focusing on neglected or new areas of interest, to provide the EAP community with a deeper understanding of some of the key issues in teaching EAP across the world and in diverse contexts. 

Plans for volumes in the series include:
- focusing on innovative pedagogies of teaching EAP;
- examining the value of sociological theories as lenses for better understanding of the roots of EAP, to better equip EAP in all of its diverse contexts;
- researching the impact of policies and politics on language education in higher education;
- exploring the identity and agency of EAP practitioners, students and managers in turbulent times across the globe;
- investigating the transitions (and means of transitioning) of EAP practitioners to a scholarship-based identity and role

Titles available in this series include:

What is Good Academic Writing?: Insights into Discipline-Specific Student Writing, edited by Melinda Whong and Jeanne Godfrey

Pedagogies in English for Academic Purposes: Teaching and Learning in International Contexts, edited by Carole MacDiarmid and J. J. MacDonald

Titles forthcoming in this series include:

Social Theory for English for Academic Purposes: Foundations and Perspectives, edited by Alex Ding and Michelle Evans

Contextualizing English for Academic Purposes in Higher Education: Politics, Policies and Practices, edited by Ian Bruce and Bee Bond

Practitioner Agency and Identity in English for Academic Purposes, edited by Alex Ding and Laetitia Monbec

Call for Expressions of Interest

If interested in contributing to one of these planned volumes, or for more information, please contact either the Series Editors or the Publisher:

Series Editors

Alex Ding, a.ding@leeds.ac.uk

Ian Bruce, ian.bruce@waikato.ac.nz

Melinda Whong, lcmwhong@ust.hk 


Maria Giovanna Brauzzi, maria.brauzzi@bloomsbury.com