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Welcome to the Bloomsbury Online Resources for Psychology-Based Activities for Supporting Anxious Language Learners: Creating Calm and Confident Foreign Language Speakers, edited by Neil Curry and Kate Maher! 


Chapter 2. How are you Coping? A Tool for Identifying Situations that Cause FLA, Neil Curry and Kate Maher

Chapter 3. You are not Alone: Shining Light on FLA Perspectives through Classroom Data Collection, Jonathan Shachter

Chapter 5. Creating Enjoyable Learning Environments: Student-Centred Socially Motivating Classrooms, Wendy Davis

Chapter 8. Stoic Sayings for Alleviating Anxiety: Epictetus, Stoic Philosophy, and the Art of Cognitive Distancing, Ian Gibson

Chapter 9. Boosting your Students' Confidence in Second Language Learning: The Confidence Building Diary, Jo Mynard and Scott J. Shelton-Strong 

Chapter 10. Facing Worries head on: Discussions for Raising Awareness and Tackling Communicative Anxiety, Amelia Yarwood 

Chapter 11. Positive Attributions: Using Attributional Retraining Techniques to Reduce Students' Speaking Anxiety, David McLoughlin

Chapter 12. Looking for Evidence: Using CBT-Based Activities for FLA, Neil Curry

Chapter 13. What Makes you Nervous? A Cognitive-Behavioural Theory-Based Approach to Identifying FLA Triggers, Kate Maher 

Chapter 15. Rewrite your Inner Script: Make Friends with Oral Presentation, Zsuzsa Tóth