Additional case studies

Click here to download a zip folder of additional case studies. The topics covered can be found in the list below.

  • Afghanistan's long refugee emergency
  • Dilemmas for emigration countries- the Philippines
  • Dilemmas of a South-East Asian immigration country- Malaysia
  • Dilemmas of an East Asian immigration country- Japan
  • Educational and occupational success of the 'second generation' in Germany
  • Forced foreign labour in the Nazi war economy
  • Foreign Maids in Singapore
  • Greek Legalization Policies
  • How migration shaped US and Mexican politics in the twenty-first century
  • Labour market segmentation - the French car and building industries
  • Migration and Nation in French History
  • Migrations Shaping African History
  • Minorities in Canada
  • Minorities in Sweden
  • Minorities in the Netherlands
  • Minorities in the Republic of Korea
  • Narco-capitalism and the ni-nis
  • Non-citizen voting in US history
  • Remittances to Somalia
  • Spillover of insurgency in Algeria to France
  • Spillover of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) insurgency to Germany
  • Table - Summary of major legalization programmes in the Transatlantic area
  • The Amicale des Algériens en Europe 1962-199
  • The Armenian diaspora and the conflict over Nagorno-Karabach
  • The Borjas versus Card debate - is labour immigration bad for US Workers
  • The decade-long path to Mexican absentee voting rights
  • The French Approach to Combating Illegal Employment
  • The German guestworker system
  • The Gulf War Crisis of 1990-91
  • The Migratory Process A Comparison of Australia and Germany
  • The role of diaspora Jewry in the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • The Unrest in France in 2005 and 2007
  • Why migrant unemployment and employment rose at the same time