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Chapter 1 – Dear reader: Writing for an audience

Chapter 2 – Macro, micro and middle: The art of the sentence

Chapter 3 – Less is more: Being succinct

Chapter 4 – Powerfully powerless: Describing things

Chapter 5 – Precision engineering: Selecting the right nouns and verbs

Chapter 6 – Front and back: Varying word order

Chapter 7 – Long and short: Varying sentence length

Chapter 8 – The art of conversation: Direct and reported speech

Chapter 9 – Would that it were so simple: Different voices and styles

Chapter 10 – Literary devices

Chapter 11 – Make me feel: Eliciting an emotional response from the reader

Chapter 12 – Planning to fail: Planning, drafting, editing and rewriting

Chapter 13 – Opening ceremony: Writing the first line

Chapter 14 – Making connections: Linking sentences and paragraphs

Chapter 15 – Bringing order to chaos: Consistency and control

Chapter 16 – Happily ever after: Writing an ending or a conclusion