This website is designed to support anyone using The United Nations in International History by providing additional bibliographical resources that encompass and expand the sources listed in the endnotes of the book. The author will update this list of resources each year so that you can be assured to have the most up-to-date resources in your research and reading on the United Nations. Therefore, I am also particularly interested to hear from you about any key resources that aren’t currently listed that should be. Feel free to contact me with any questions, corrections, or additions at Amy.Sayward@mtsu.edu.

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The United Nations in International History argues for a new way of examining the history of this central global institution by integrating more traditional diplomacy between states with new trends in transnational and cultural history to explore the organization and its role in 20th- and 21st-century history. Amy Sayward looks at the origins of the U.N. before examining a range of organizations and players in the United Nations system and analysing its international work in the key arenas of diplomacy, social & economic development programs, peace-keeping, and human rights. This volume provides a concise introduction to the broad array of international work done by the United Nations, synthesizes the existing interdisciplinary literature, and highlights areas in need of further research, making it ideal for students and beginning researchers.