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  6.             Central Questions
  7.             Dramatic Design
  8.             Forms
  9.             Genre and Veracity
  10.             Imagery
  11.             The Mind
  12.             Language
  13.             Narrative Energy
  14.             Narrators
  15.             Scene
  16.             Topics
  17.             Truth
  18. The Central Question Podcast
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The Central Question Podcast

The Central Question podcast, hosted by Sean Prentiss and Jessica Hendry Nelson, presents conversations with some of today's most talented writers of creative nonfiction. Each episode features one writer from Advanced Creative Nonfiction's anthology discussing their work through the lens of a single chapter from the textbook. These podcast episodes provide dynamic supplementary material to each chapter and/or anthology reading, deepening and extending the ideas in the book. They also illuminate on their own, exploring today’s most exciting ideas in creative nonfiction with prominent contemporary practitioners

Episode 1: Sean Prentiss and Chapter 10, The Human, The Writer, the Narrator

Episode 2: Harrison Candelaria Fletcher and Chapter 3, The Central Question

Episode 3: Margot Singer and Chapter 13, Embracing Uncertainty

Episode 4: Ira Sukrungruang and Chapter 9, The Active Mind

Episode 5: Kristen Millares Young and Chapter 7, Narrative Energy

Episode 6: Brooke Juliet Wonders and Chapter 14, Ethics and Credibility

Episode 7: Peter Grandbois and Chapter 10, The Human, the Writer and the Narrator

Episode 8: Austin Bunn and Chapter 2, Genre and Veracity

Episode 9: Abigail Thomas and Chapter 11, Soundscapes

Episode 10: Xu Xi and Chapter 4, Form and Topic Interplay

Episode 11: Vijay Seshardri and Chapter 11, Soundscapes