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  7.             Dramatic Design
  8.             Forms
  9.             Genre and Veracity
  10.             Imagery
  11.             The Mind
  12.             Language
  13.             Narrative Energy
  14.             Narrators
  15.             Scene
  16.             Topics
  17.             Truth
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Taxonomies of Creative Nonfiction

Here, we organize our terms into a variety of topic-specific and chapter-specific taxonomies. This allows readers to find all the terms related to a specific topic in one location. 

As a reminder, a taxonomy bundles similarly focused terms together to help us keep discussion on creative nonfiction from becoming “sloppy”. We see this taxonomy as being first generation. So please share your thoughts and suggestions through our contact page. 

Click below for topic-specific taxonomies:

   Central Questions (Chapter 4)

    Dramatic Design (Chapter 7)

    Forms (Chapter 5)

    Genre and Veracity (Chapter 3)

    Imagery (Chapter 6)

    The Mind (Chapter 10)

    Language (Chapter 12)

    Narrative Energy (Chapter 8)

    Narrators (Chapter 11)

    Scene (Chapter 9)

    Topics (Chapter 5) 

    Truth (Chapter 13)