Play Scripts

Below you will find transcripts and out-of-copyright versions of many of the older plays mentioned in American Drama. Download the PDF files or follow the links to a free, online version of the play. The caption for each file or link contains the page numbers of the relevant section in American Drama, so do use these resources to complement your understanding of the context and analysis of each play.

1. Robert Hunter, Androboros (1714). See pp. 9-11 in the book.

2. Sheridan, The School for Scandal (1777). See pp. 6-9 in the book.

3. Royall Tyler, The Contrast (1787). See pp. 11-14 in the book.

4. William Dunlap, André (1798). See pp. 14-18 in the book.

8. William Henry Smith, The Drunkard (1844). See pp. 40-45 in the book.

9. Anna Cora Mowatt, Fashion (1845). See pp. 45-48 in the book.

10. George L. Aiken, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852). See pp. 48-52 in the book.

13. James A. Herne, Margaret Fleming (1890). See pp. 72-76 in the book.

14. Eugene Walter, The Easiest Way (1908). See pp. 76-78 in the book.

15. Kaiser, From Morn to Midnight (1912, 1917). See pp. 94-96 in the book.

16. Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard (1904). See pp. 126-130 in the book.