Welcome to the Bloomsbury Companion Website for the second edition of Animated Performance by Nancy Beiman!

Animated Performance, 2nd edition explores how a character can seemingly "come to life" when their movements reflect the emotional or narrative context of their situation: when they start to perform.

The many tips, examples and excercises from author Nancy Beiman, a veteran of the animation industry, will help you harness the flexibility of animation to portray a limitless variety of characters and ensure that no two performances are ever alike. More than 300 color illustrations demonstrate how animal and fantasy characters can live and move without losing their non-human qualities, whilst interviews with animators Art Babbit, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston and Ellen Woodbury provide unique insight into bringing a whole world of characters to life.

The second edition includes a new chapter with exercises describing basic animation principles, as well as dozens of new assignments demonstrating methods of animating fantasy and animal characters.

Resources: Click on the links on the left-hand navigation to be taken to three sets of examples that relate to specific sections in the book.