About the book

  • Clear and highly accessible writing style that transforms what could be a dry subject to an engaging and interactive experience with a narrative hook that draws on students' curiosity
  • A practical, intuitive approach with an emphasis on business application in the real-world
  • Use of international case studies to illustrate the relevance of the subject to the business world
  • Much praised pedagogical features providing students with an abundance of in-text activities and helpful learning features such as the `quantitative methods in action', `did you know', reflection, key points and assignments sections to be found in each chapter
  • Concise and manageable text with excellent structure and organisation of topics with practical examples explaining the theory
  • Provides a highly useful maths refresher section to help support students with weaker maths skills
  • Illustrated with screenshots of both SPSS and Excel
  • Extensive companion website with very good student and lecturer support, thoroughly revised for the new edition