Welcome to the companion website for Experimetrics by Peter G. Moffatt, Professor of Econometrics at the University of East Anglia, UK.

Experimetrics is an essential guide to discovering new and more illuminating ways to analyse experimental econometric data.

Peter G. Moffatt, one of the world's experts in the field, covers a range of techniques: from the familiar, such as treatment testing, to lesser known ones such as finite mixture models and the method of maximum simulated likelihood. The book takes a hands-on approach by explaining Stata commands in detail. In addition, difficult problems inherent in the methodology are addressed, such as the parametric estimation of social preference models, quantal response models, and learning models.

An indispensable book for researchers and advanced students in experimental and behavioural economics who want to come to grips with the field of Experimetrics.

Below you will find:
– all data sets (in Stata format) used as examples in the book;
– an executable Stata 'do-file' containing Stata commands and programs used in examples; and
– an Excel file containing some Excel calculations presented in the text.

DO Files | Zipped folder | (0.23Mb)

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Data file | Zipped folder | (0.392Mb)