The book draws together research by pre-eminent academics working at the intersections of forensic psychology and related subjects. A must-read textbook!

    -Dr Clare Allely, University of Salford, UK

Forensic Psychology by James McGuire and Simon Duff covers all the key topics in forensic psychology, including the criminal justice system, law and legal decision-making, and treatments and outcomes for offenders. It offers rigorous coverage of the major areas, from theoretical concepts and research methods to explaining criminal acts and patterns of crime.

This brand new textbook will:

  • Encourage you to look more closely at topical issues through ‘Where do you stand?’ boxes
  • Build your understanding of key points, such as ethics or research, with ‘Focus on…’ sections
  • Enable you to link theory to practice through interviews with a police officer, a clinical psychologist, a probation officer and a convicted offender (coming soon on this website)
  • Help you to determine your next steps by considering the different routes into the profession and the competencies required