About History of Africa

Kevin Shillington’s History of Africa offers a richly illustrated narrative introduction to the whole scope of the continent’s vast and evolving history. Now in its fourth edition, this much-loved text has been thoroughly updated and refreshed to be even more student-friendly.

The story of humanity in Africa goes back at least 200,000 years, further than anywhere else on Earth. This compelling tale of Africa’s journey is vital to understanding the complex opportunities, challenges and legacies that continue to shape Africa – and its place in the world – today.

Above all, History of Africa is unrivalled in the picture it paints: the history of the entire continent, from prehistory to the present, within a single volume. The easy-to-follow chronological structure and accessible style are enhanced by more than 200 colour maps and photographs to guide and enrich your learning journey.

Kevin Shillington trained history teachers at the University of Botswana in the 1980s. His years of teaching experience in Africa have included African History at school and university level. He holds an MA and PhD in African History from the University of London, UK, is the author of many books on African history and is a renowned authority in this field.