International Social Research Methods Case Studies

In the Companion, readers are referred to the Databank of International Social Research Methods Case Studies for illustrations of the many ways in which methods are selected and implemented in real-life projects.

The databank is being hosted on the ESRC’s Sustainable Web Resources Repository, ReStore, by the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods.

The ReStore website provides examples of International Social Research Methods Case Studies, which have been prepared using a Framework designed to guide researchers through the process of writing up methods case studies for the databank.

Part 1 of the Framework provides a checklist of important questions relating to the issues raised in international projects, which are addressed in International Comparative Research and in the Companion.

Part 2 of the Framework offers a list of Key Search Terms for the use of researchers writing up their methods and for readers wanting to access the case studies.

Submission of Case Studies

Researchers interested in submitting case studies to the databank are invited, in the first instance, to send a proposal to the consultants on the project. Case studies will be peer reviewed before being accepted for the ReStore databank.