Praise for the Second Edition

‘McCormick’s Introduction to Global Studies represents an outstanding addition to global studies literature. It is readable, comprehensive and engaging, and this edition includes key updates to address current global issues such as Covid-19, making it an ideal textbookfor students of international and global studies.’ – Andrea Duffy, Director of International Studies, Colorado State University, USA

‘The impressive breadth and depth of this book make it a must-read for students looking to build a strong foundation for success in global studies. McCormick has done an excellent job in creating an appealing mix of both theories, themes and empirics to help students open the kaleidoscope of globalization using a multidisciplinary and critical approach.’ – Xiang Zhang, Lecturer in International Development, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Praise for the first edition

‘A clear, logical, and strategic approach to an extremely complex discipline. McCormick’s Global Studies serves as a great foundation for any introductory examination of global citizenship and allows plenty of room for the instructor to fully illuminate the nuanceswith timely and relevant news and events.’– Mary Poffenroth, Lecturer in Biological Sciences, San Jose State University, USA

‘An excellent introduction to the all-encompassing field of global studies,which offers a succinct and solid foundation for any student.’–Simon Shen, Associate Professor and Director Global Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

‘A well-organized introduction to global studies that includes both an impressive span of key topics and a critical perspective of what global connections means in different contexts.’ - Per Knutsson, Senior Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden