How will Maths Engine help?

▼ For teaching staff

  • Support individual students where they really need it and address the challenge of variations in maths ability within the student population via personalised learning pathways and detailed feedback on each question.
  • Deliver more targeted teaching. Detailed visibility of each student’s performance allows teaching to be more targeted to address knowledge gaps and specific areas with which students are struggling.
  • A flexible solution. Set formative or summative assessments, use as self-study or incorporate into study sessions, Maths Engine can be used in a variety of ways to meet your course delivery needs.
  • Save time. Pre-built assessments, a vast number of practice questions and quick and easy performance analysis allows you to focus on teaching, rather than grading or writing questions.
  • Full integration with your VLE/LMS allows you to easily capture grades and enables single sign-on for easy access.
  • A sophisticated algorithm powers the platform which enables a high level of mathematical tolerance when marking students’ attempts.

▼ For students

  • The questions meet students at their current ability, so that they’re building from their existing knowledge base; increasing confidence in their strong areas and targeting their individual areas for improvement
  • Via the worked examples and practice questions, students actively engage with the material, building on the knowledge covered in previous exercises, while gradually learning new steps
  • Stroud’s step-by-step approach to learning and limitless practice opportunities help students to understand and put into practice the correct techniques
  • Students work at their own pace, and exercises have detailed worked solutions demonstrating exactly how to arrive at the solution. Exercises also have convenient links back to specific frames of content if students need to recap material from the book
  • The student dashboard allows students to chart their progress, so that they can see how they’re developing
  • A simple user-interface allows you to input complex equations and symbols with ease, using either the on-screen keyboard or via shortcuts on your physical keyboard.

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