Now updated to include discussions of the constraints and opportunities offered by the Coalition government, this new book from Clara Greed is an excellent entry-level text for students starting on a planning degree or those on built environment programmes who need an appreciation of the role of planning in the UK.

    - Rose Gilroy, Newcastle University, UK

    This text provides a highly accessible introduction to planning in the UK. Greed's account cuts through the complexity of the planning system and distils its key features, but also prepares students for the challenging terrain that lies ahead of them in their studies. This will be an incredibly helpful book for new undergraduate planning students, and also for international students studying these systems for the first time.

    - Neil Harris, Cardiff University, UK

    This books provides an assured explanation of the role of planning that is ideal for those new to the subject. Its combination of the technical and the polemical dispels some common misconceptions about planning and provides a thoughtful and compelling case for a people-centred understanding of its role in the modern world.

    - Greg Lloyd, University of Ulster, UK

    This comprehensive introduction to planning in the UK will provide an essential reference for students as they progress through their professional studies, and be a useful resource for practitioners, keen to recap on the overview of planning. Both stimulating and engaging, this book is vintage Greed.

    – Dory Reeves, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    This is a useful and timely introduction to planning. As well as providing some important basic information, it will stimulate students to think about some important matters for themselves. It will be on my reading lists for core planning modules.

    - Huw Thomas Cardiff University, UK