This curated list of author Ellen Gunning's Mediascope podcasts has been chosen to accompany the chapters throughout the book. The podcasts can be listened to online, or if you would like to download for listening offline, please right click on the player and select "Save audio as...".

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Chapter 1 - Foundations

Date: 08/11/2016
Guest: Hugh O’Byrne
Topic: Data Mining

Date: 04/12/2016
Guest: Prof. Lee Komito
Topic: How social media affects behaviour

Chapter 2 - Ethics in PR

Date: 08/08/2017
Guest: Philip Sheppard
Topic: Ethics and standards

Chapter 3 - Objectives in PR

Date: 31/03/2009
Guest: Dr. Edward De Bono
Topic: Lateral Thinking

Chapter 4 - PR and the Media

Date: 11/07/2017
Name: Francis Fitzgibbon
Topic: Story Stock

Date: 27/06/2017
Name: Victoria Mary Clarke
Topic: Interviewing Celebrities

Date: 29/08/2017
Name: Ronan Gillespie
Topic: Product Launch in the USA

Date: 18/04/2017
Name: Ed Lordan
Topic: Trump’s Relationship with the media

Date: 15/08/2017
Name: Suzy Griffin
Topic: Social Media

Date: 08/08/2017
Name: Philip Sheppard
Topic: Standards

Date: 07/03/2017
Name: Nichola Reeder
Topic: Promotion of food Products in the UK.

Chapter 6 - Story telling

Date: 01/08/2017
Guest: Sinead Kavanagh and Samantha Kelly
Topic: Blogging and Tweeting

Date: 10/10/2017
Guest: Jay Hunter
Topic: YouTube

Date: 15/08/2017
Guest: Suzy Griffin
Topic: Cross promoting

Chapter 7 - Event Management

Date: 04/07/2017
Guest: Mark Breen and Martin Cullen
Topic: Safely planning events

Date: 25/07/2017
Guest: Colm Hanley
Topic: Entertainment Events Management

Chapter 8 - In House

Date: 18/07/2017
Guest: Maria Carolan
Topic: Cultural PR

Chapter 11 - CSR

Date: 19/09/2017
Guest: Daniel Ntia
Topic: CSR in Nigeria

Date: 26/09/2017
Guest: Uwem Ite
Topic: Shell Nigeria CSR

Chapter 12 - Crisis

Date: 05/09/2017
Guest: Dan O’Neill
Topic: Crisis Management in digital age

Date: 15/04/2017
Guest: Stephen Peppard
Topic: Major Emergency plan

Date: 02/05/2017
Guest: Grainne Madden
Topic: Whistleblowing

Date: 22/08/2017
Guest: Nsikak Ntia
Topic: Ebola Crisis Management

Chapter 13 - Environment

Date: 03/10/2017
Guest: Joe Heron
Topic: Community Engagement

Chapter 14 - Political PR

Date: 10/10/2017
Guest: George Karathanos
Topic: Political crisis in Greece

Date: 05/09/2017
Guest: Gianmarco Ienco
Topic: Political Crisis in Italy

Date: 18/04/2017
Guest: Ed Lordan
Topic: Trump’s Relationship With The Media

Date: 17/10/2017
Guest: Norman Jack
Topic: Canada and Terrorism