Tutorials: Beginner

Below are a series of interactive tutorials covering introductory topics that will teach you how to use SPSS, enter data and produce basic output. These tutorials are designed for beginners who are not familiar with the program.

This tutorial allows you to interactively explore the different menu options in SPSS. This should help you familiarise yourself with the program, and put your mind at ease about learning how to use SPSS.

Adding Variables
In this tutorial we will explore how to create data sets and add information to SPSS. If you are doing any work with SPSS the chances are that you will need to enter in your own data by adding variables to SPSS. If you are unfamiliar with the program, this is a good starting point.

This interactive tutorial will show you how to produce your first set of statistical output using SPSS.

One of the best ways of understanding your data is to illustrate it graphically. This tutorial will talk you through how to use SPSS to produce the different types of graphs you are likely to need to explore simple datasets.