Praise for the fifth edition

    An authoritative text which will delight teachers and students. In particular, PART III on Enterprise Policy and Government Intervention is a classic and should be mandatory reading for Enterprise policy makers worldwide.
    - Professor David Storey OBE, Professor of Enterprise at the University of Sussex, UK

    This book challenges a lot of our perceived research knowledge on SMEs and entrepreneurs as well as the nature of policy interventions, emphasising as it does that knowledge creation is a process of questioning conventional wisdom. In this 5th edition you will find many new ideas for discussion and many new insights. Reading this textbook is important if you want to be part of the process of new knowledge creation and understand the role of research in shaping future policy decisions.
    - Anders Lundström, Professor Emeritus & Managing Director for the Institute of Innovative Entrepreneurship (IPREG), Sweden

    Bridge’s and O’Neill’s fifth edition is a benchmark text for students, academics, practitioners and policy-makers. The book presents the reader with a deeper understanding of enterprise by carefully tracing its evolution from pre-historic times all the way to the current and fast-developing social enterprise phenomenon. It makes a unique contribution to our understanding of what constitutes enterprise, entrepreneurship and small business in a meaningful way. This is complemented well by its focus on enterprise policy and government intervention. Crucially, the text masterfully provides a graphic and powerful description illustrating the intersection between enterprise/entrepreneurship and small business. The theories, models, concepts, examples and ideas it describes, genuinely advances our understanding of this new field of study which seems to be gaining prominence within the business management domain. I strongly recommend the text.
    - Peter van der Sijde, Professor of Organization, Entrepreneurship & Technology, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands