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  7.             Dramatic Design
  8.             Forms
  9.             Genre and Veracity
  10.             Imagery
  11.             The Mind
  12.             Language
  13.             Narrative Energy
  14.             Narrators
  15.             Scene
  16.             Topics
  17.             Truth
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Advanced Creative Nonfiction: A Writer's Guide and Anthology offers expert instruction on writing creative nonfiction in any form—including memoir, lyric essay, travel writing, and more—while taking an expansive approach to fit a rapidly evolving literary art form. From a history of creative nonfiction, related ethical concerns, and new approaches to revision and publishing, this book offers innovative strategies and ideas beyond what’s traditionally covered.
Advanced Creative Nonfiction: A Writer's Guide and Anthology also includes:

· An anthology of contemporary creative nonfiction by some of today’s most inventive and celebrated writers

· Advanced explorations into the craft of creative nonfiction across forms

· In-depth discussion of truth, ethics, and memory

· Practical advice on workshopping, editing and publishing

· Writing prompts and exercises throughout the textbook


Bloomsbury Writer's Guides and Anthologies offer established and aspiring creative writers an introduction to the art and craft of writing in a variety of forms from poetry to environmental and nature writing. Each books is part craft-guide with writing prompts and exercises, and part anthology, with relevant works by major authors.

Previously published and forthcoming titles in the Writer's Guides and Anthologies series can be found here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/series/bloomsbury-writers-guides-and-anthologies/