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Welcome to the website that accompanies the textbook “Animal Rights Law”. The purpose of this website is to give you direct links to sources that will aid your study of animal rights law. It is intended to enable you to explore in more detail the issues which the textbook can only cover in outline.

As you will see, even though animal rights law is a relatively young subject, a lot has already been written about its different facets.

The website starts with a section providing briefs on important recent cases and legislation that came out after the release of the book. The next section provides references on each chapter of the book, supplementing the useful references and bibliography provided in the book. If you would like to find references that focus on your jurisdiction or your region, then you will find the fourth section helpful. Finally, the website contains a list of the most important journals which publish research on animal rights law.

We would like to acknowledge the considerable effort of Michael Gold in helping us with this website.

We hope you find the book interesting, and the website useful,

Dr Raffael Fasel, Dr Sean Butler

November 2022