Video Links

Links for short videos relating to each chapter have been collected on a de Romanis YouTube channel. The link for the channel is below, and links are also given by chapter underneath.

de Romanis YouTube channel

N.B. de Romanis has been designed for use across a fairly broad age-range; teachers will need to watch these videos in advance to check their suitability for their particular classes.

Chapter 1: The Olympian Gods

National Geographic - Ancient Rome

Chapter 2: Roman Heroes

Ted Ed - Aeneid

Ted Ed - Did ancient Troy really exist?

Chapter 3: Roman Gods

Ted Ed - Vestal Virgins

Roman Mythology (Pantheon and foundation myths)

Ted Ed - Teenage Life in Ancient Rome

Chapter 4: Favour & Punishment

Ted Ed - Myth of Sisyphus 

Ted Ed - Myth of Prometheus 

Naked Science - Pantheon (temple)

Chapter 5: Festivals & Games

From slave to rebel gladiator - Ted Ed

Today I Found Out - The Colosseum

Chapter 6: Prophecy

Historia Civilis - Sibylline Books 

Harvard University - Auspices and Augury 

Apollo and the oracle of Delphi  

Chapter 7: The History and Politics of Rome

Roman Society and Political Structure

Invicta - Elections at Rome 

National Geographic - Ancient Rome

Chapter 8: Rhetoric and Cicero

Historia Civilis - Cicero

Ted Ed - How to use rhetoric 

The History Guy - Life and Death of Cicero 

Chapter 9 : The Route to Power: the Army and Julius Ceasar

‘Invicta’ channel - Everyday Moments in History - A Roman Soldier Prepares Dinner

Ted Ed - A Day in the LIfe of a Roman Soldier

Ted Ed - Assassination of Julius Caesar

Vindolanda Museum - Structure of Roman Army

Kings and Generals - Marian Reforms

Chapter 10: Egypt and Cleopatra

Horrible Histories - Cleopatra Song

BBC Teach - Ancient Egypt

Ted Ed - History vs Cleopatra

Chapter 11: Augustus and Image

Ted Ed History vs Augustus 

Art History: Prima Porta 

History Summarized: How Augustus made an Empire 

Chapter 12: Roman Britain

BBC Teach - Life in Roman Britain 

BBC Teach - A Day in the Life of a 10 Year Old in Roman Britain
BBC Teach - Boudicca and the Roman Invasion

BBC - Soldiers in Roman Britain