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Glossary to the book|Word Document|(0.053Mb)

This document, A Framework for Research Ethics and Evaluation: Justification and Guidelines, provides guidelines for feminist research ethics. These guidelines are intended to help researchers consider the ethics of their research and reviewers – prospective funders, the researcher’s own ethical review committee, an outside ethical review committee, or a publication outlet concerned about the research ethics of the scholarship it publishes – to consider the ethics of research. These guidelines are broad in order to be relevant to a broad range of research designs and contexts. They are also specific, in order to promote rich and careful reflection on the ethical dimensions of research in the social sciences.
  • Section 1 describes the context in which these guidelines were developed.
  • Section 2 describes the theoretical and methodological background to the development of these guidelines.
  • Section 3 provides the guidelines themselves.
  • Section 4 outlines how a review may apply them.