Table of Contents

1. Introducing Human Resource Management; Christine Cross and Sarah Kiernan

2. Workforce Planning and Talent Management; Ultan Sherman

3. Recruitment and Selection; Christine Cross

4. Employee Engagement, Induction, Turnover and Retention; Colette Darcy; Ashley O’ Donoghue and Yanqiao Liu

5. Managing the Employment Relationship; Michelle O’ Sullivan

6. Diversity and Equality in the Workplace; Juliette MacMahon and Mike O’Brien

7. Performance Management; Steven Kilroy

8. Managing Rewards; Maureen Maloney and Alma McCarthy

9. Learning and Development; David McGuire and Thomas N. Garavan

10. Career Development; Ronan Carbery and David McKevitt

11. Human Resource Analytics; Caroline Murphy and Jean McCarthy

12. Health, Safety and Employee Wellbeing; Ronan Carbery and Robert Lynch

13. International Human Resource Management; Jonathan Lavelle

14. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management; Colm McLaughlin