Chapter 7: Reflective Web Activities (RWA)

RWA7.1: Learning fingerspelling and BSL

If you are interested in learning or thinking about the use of fingerspelling and/or BSL, please access the following clips:


RWA7.2: Creating a ‘treasure basket’

If you are interested in the concept of ‘treasure baskets’, more information can be found in Gascoyne’s article, ‘Making treasure baskets’. Now, consider how a young child who has a serious visual impairment but can move and use his/her hands and arms freely:

What easily available, safe objects would you include in the basket to stimulate his/her senses?
How, practically, might you use the basket?

RWA7.3: Availability of ‘talking’ books

Clear Vision is a postal lending library of books that have been designed to be shared by non-sighted and sighted learners.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) has a library of ‘talking’ books that can be borrowed.